Company Overview

What are Sunday Scaries? Well, originally, it’s the anxiety towards Monday, a new week, and at the same time regret of not having things done a person gets on Sunday. This is also the name a new cool CBD company decided to adopt for itself. Is Sunday Scaries real? You may not have experienced that feeling yourself, so it may not be real for you, but the company totally is.

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It became real in July of 2017, created by two friends who live in San Diego, and has taken the CBD community by the storm. Instead of just getting all medical, these two decided to use humor to fight anxiety, pain, insomnia, and the rest. Nevertheless, it soon becomes clear that this is a serious company that just prefers a more fun approach.

Products and Prices

I’m going to start my Sunday Scaries CBD tincture review by acknowledging the name and giving it credit for not having CBD, hemp, or anything of that sort in it, making it stand out among others.

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Whether their products will work for you or not, you will likely be humored by their descriptions, vibrant photos, and short promo videos. And if you end up disliking what you bought or feeling that it wasn’t worth the price, there’s a promise of a 100% Sunday Scaries CBD refund with no questions asked.

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Essentially, there are only five products you’ll find on the site. There is also no selection of potency, you order one option that’s available by default.

CBD Oil Tincture

With 500mg of CBD, this broad-spectrum CBD oil costs $75 ($64 with a monthly plan) a bottle.

CBD Gummies

This product contains broad-spectrum CBD, vitamins, and some additional ingredients for flavor and health benefits. A bottle of 10mg CBD gummies costs $39 ($31 with a monthly plan).

CBD Candy “Unicorn Jerky”

Sunday Scaries Reddit reviewers seem to be fond of this product. A pack holds 10 candies with 10mg of CBD each and costs $19. These are a bit more difficult to chew than CBD gummies. There’s also a story behind this product as it’s dedicated to one of the founders’ sister who took her life. A dollar from each pack goes to The Trevor Project, aimed at reducing the suicide rates among LGBT youth.

CBD Bath Bombs with Vitamins

One Tub Cub holds 50mg of CBD, and a pack of 3 costs $59 ($49 with a monthly plan).

CBD Energy Shots

You may not use this Sunday Scaries CBD for pain as it’s designed to give you a boost of energy mixed with a calming effect. A 12 pack of 50mg energy shots costs $69 ($61 with a monthly plan).

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Popular Flavors

Just like there is no choice of potency, most products don’t offer any flavor options. Some of them already contain certain vitamins and additional flavor ingredients. The only product that comes in 3 flavors you get to choose from is YOLO shots.

cbd energy shots

I did order all three of them for my Sunday Scaries CBD review, and they do a good job at hiding the natural CBD flavor, I could not taste it. Instead, they were sweet and very pleasant, with definite distinction between them.


I want to be honest with you in my Sunday Scaries CBD oil review, the tincture didn’t have much of an effect for my pain until I raised the dosage considerably. I wish the company offered different potency options. However, other products did work just fine, particularly CBD gummies and “Unicorn Jerky.” Besides, I really enjoy the taste of them, and they lasted longer than the tincture for me.

My Experience and Favorite Product

When I came across a Sunday Scaries review Reddit concerned about the combination of CBD and caffeine, I got curious and decided to find out about YOLO shots by myself.

Besides, the company does not have any topicals or sprays, and this is an interesting and rather unusual product. I ended up liking CBD shots the most out of the whole package. They were refreshing, and you don’t need to figure out how many drops you need or how to take it, you just grab a little bottle and drink it. Anyways, I am definitely not asking a Sunday Scaries refund for any of these products, they were unique and worth the money.

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Online Reputation

Many reviewers agree that Sunday Scaries prices may seem scary at first, yes. However, these products seem to be quality enough to be worth the price. Besides, you can reduce it by choosing a monthly plan or buying more at once, and then there are CBD bundles with various combinations that are also good deals.

sunday scaries fans win day

Finally, I got two discount offers within a couple of minutes on the site. And when I saw that they ship everything for free (the US only), I thought to myself, “Is Sunday Scaries scam”? I was glad to find out it isn’t.

Lab Reports

It would have been outrageous if the company charged so much for their products without conducting proper lab analysis. Luckily, I don’t have to write a negative Sunday Scaries review since the company wants to appear trustworthy and quality-oriented, which is why it does provide lab reports. And it’s quite convenient since a report for each product is present on its page, right under the images.

Final Word

Is Sunday Scaries legit? The answer should be obvious by now. Yes, it is a serious company with its own philosophy and vision on CBD products. They may not have many of them, but those available are quite memorable and represent the brand rather than being just a bland copy of what you can order just at any other CBD website.

And although this Sunday Scaries tincture review ended up praising CBD shots, gummies, and CBD candies more than oil, I still consider it a successful discovery. If you don’t like the oil here, there are many places you can get it from. However, Sunday Scaries is definitely worth trying for all the other things it offers.

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