How I Chose the Best CBD Isolates

I’ve been using cannabidiol for about two years, so my experience is quite vast, and I have a lot to share with you. Actually, when picking my top five, I not only personally tested a pile of isolates, but I’ve used the following criteria:


Nobody likes goodies which can hardly be found, no matter whether we are speaking about physical stores or online shops. All the products from my list can be purchased online with just a couple of clicks. So, no worries that products are hard to get.

Testing & Results

To be included in my top-five, all the products needed to have lab test results proving they are safe to apply and contain no THC. The quality and purity of isolates are the most crucial factors for the majority of customers, and I’m no different.

Truthful Advertising

For sure, this is important. Nowadays, the market is stuffed with ads ringing their sweet words in the ears, but are all the products so good and provide a super effect? I’ve tested all the goodies myself and chose only those items which really work. I dropped products from the manufacturers with fake ads but no result.

What Are the Best CBD Isolates?

Cannabidiol comes in different formulations, and a full-spectrum one is a frequently chosen option, although some folks pick an isolate due to the lack of THC. I’ve prepared a list of the supreme quality products worth your attention if you need the best cbd isolate oil or a powder.

The Pros and Cons of CBD Isolate Products

Now let’s touch on the main reasons why so many individuals choose isolates among a vast variety of other products that can be bought, whether online or from physical stores. I’ll also mention some cons of isolates, so you’ll have enough info needed to decide whether they'll be an optimum solution for you or you should better pick another form of cannabidiol.


  • No taste and aroma.
  • Yes, this is a huge advantage and one of the main reasons why isolates won the hearts of a wide audience. Due to this characteristic, an isolate can be easily added to a pile of edibles, snacks, beverages, etc. You can even throw a spoon of this stuff into your morning Latte or herbal tea. Those who find baking a favorite thing may add a pinch of CBD into cupcakes, cookies, or pies, and no one will ever guess it. Just make sure the temperature in the oven isn’t too high. The potency may be lost when being heated up to 375°F or higher.

  • Easy to take sublingually
  • Some fans of CBD hate an unpleasant earthy aroma the majority of tinctures have, so the best solution for them is to take CBD isolate products under the tongue and to hold them for 20 - 40 seconds. Being applied sublingually, isolates provide an enhanced effect.

  • Straightforward quality control
  • The market of CBD is flooded with tons of low-quality Chinese products or those with no-name manufacturers meaning there is a high risk of purchasing poor-quality stuff that may endanger your health. A big plus is that CBD isolate products are not as complicated to test in laboratories as other goodies, meaning that quality control is straightforward.

  • Easy to dose
  • CBD isolates usually come in a powder form, so they are less difficult to dose. Measuring a dose won’t be rocket science for you, unlike when taking other items where the dosage can be quite hard for understanding.

  • Cause no problems when taking a drug test
  • Those who consume CBD isolate products free from THC have no problem with passing a drug test. Manufacturers of goodies with some trace amount of THC claim there is no 100% guarantee that a person will pass a drug test. So, keep it in mind when picking the right items for you.


  • Lack of entourage effect
  • Some customers complain due to the lack of entourage effect when taking the best cbd isolate products. When you are taking just a single compound, it doesn’t work as expected. One should note here that supportive compounds like flavonoids and cannabinoids are vital in making the product more efficient.

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How Is CBD Isolate Different From CBD?

It is undeniable that the market is flooded with various CBD products, and it makes some customers get lost whenever they check one more online store trying to find something extraordinary. A plethora of products with various kinds of CBD available nowadays makes it quite challenging to pick the right product when you have no clear understanding of the differences between an isolate and a full-spectrum CBD. Although they both come from the same plant, there are some things distinguishing them.

Isolates contain just CBD but neither THC nor terpenes. Full-spectrum products include other compounds and less than 0,3% THC. Some researches prove that full-spectrum goodies are more beneficial than just a pure isolate due to the super desired entourage effect, but still, thousands of customers give preference to isolates because of its purest form and some other personal reasons like intolerance to artificial flavors, sensitivity to THC, etc.

It is hard to pick the right product for you without testing, so I recommend you to buy some isolate as well as full-spectrum goodies to make sure they work and provide the needed effect. Not everyone is the same, and ideal products for your friend may occur being useless when applying personally.