Company Overview

Bluebird Botanicals has been around for pretty much as long as the CBD industry itself, which helped the company define it and become an example for many emerging enterprises. Created in 2012, it was 4 years later recognized as the Number One HEMP-CBD Company at the Cannabist Awards.

And that says a lot about this company long before you get to Bluebird Botanicals reviews. Fast-forward two more years, and it’s the 2018 Cannabis Business Awards, where we see this CBD company getting awarded the Number One Hemp Company/Product title.

bluebird botanicals review

So, I think you get it, it’s not just another CBD manufacturer but one of the major players. It also has an impressive product lineup, but we’re going to narrow it down and make it a Bluebird CBD oil review.

Products and Prices

The Bluebird Botanicals website offers both regular and concentrated extracts, CBD cream, isolates, vape oil, THC-free oil, capsules (also concentrated ones), and products for animals. This will mainly be a Bluebird Botanicals hemp CBD extract classic review, although I will focus on a couple more popular types of oil.

Hemp Extract Oil

Being full-spectrum and with the 250+mg/oz potency, this oil comes in three variations (price for a 1/3oz bottle is shown):

  • Classic for $12.95
  • Complete for $14.95
  • Signature $14.95

All three of these options can be purchased in a sample pack of three 1/3oz bottles for $32.95.

bluebird assortment

Concentrated CBD Oil

In many Bluebird Botanicals CBD oil reviews, people claim that they didn’t feel any effect after trying this company’s products. That is until they tried concentrated CBD oil, which is pretty much the same three options you’ve seen before, only each 6 times more potent (1500+mg/oz).

This increase also costs more, of course, and so, a 1/3oz bottle of Classic 6x will be $49.95, while Complete 6x and Signature 6x can be purchased for $54.95 each. A 6x sample pack is available for $129.95.

CBD Oil Without THC

For those who are wondering whether there are only full-spectrum extracts and who do not want to deal even with the smallest amounts of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC, this company offers oil that has 1500+ mg CBD per ounce and a non-detectable amount of THC. A bottle of 1/3oz costs $32.95.

Popular Flavors

The abovementioned oils don’t come in different flavors, and the first two types taste a bit bitter due to being full-spectrum. However, that’s not something that can’t be fixed by mixing them with various food. I would say that THC-free oil tastes better, so I often just took it directly.

Since I didn’t buy everything this site sells, I will have to rely on the information given on the site and found in other Bluebird CBD reviews for some of their products. It is suggested that if you find the taste of hemp extracts too bitter, you can try capsules that are swallowed, resulting in no contact with the tongue, or get CBD isolate since it has no flavor.


I bought Bluebird CBD oil for pain, and I am glad I purchased concentrated oil and didn’t just stop with the regular one. That one wasn’t enough for my problem, even when I tried to increase the dosage. Concentrated oil, however, did magic to my back.

My Experience and Favorite Product

Many people on the Internet complained that they just didn’t feel any effect despite the company being recommended to them, and now, writing my own Bluebird Botanicals CBD review, I can see why it could be.

Sure, it’s all very individual and depends on your problem and chemical constitution, but it’s easy to give up on a company before trying the product that would have been perfect for you.

Reading a few Bluebird CBD oil reviews won’t give you a definite answer, and you should consider other products as well. There’s a reason why companies offer such a variety of shapes and form CBD can be taken in, and it’s not just to make you pay more. If oil didn’t work for you, consider concentrated capsules, CBD cream, or vape oil.

Online Reputation

Not every Bluebird Botanicals review is a positive one, but that’s just natural, and most of them are actually saying nice things about the company, its products, and its approach. One of the major complaints is that Bluebird products are somewhat pricy. However, that is because they offer quality products, which is proven by the lab test results prove that (more on that in a second).

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And to be fair, Bluebird offer assistance programs to make their products more affordable. They provide 20-30% off on full-price retail orders for veterans, low-income citizens, and disabled customers. There are also other discounts you can get without being any of the above.

Finally, there are a lot of Bluebird Botanicals Reddit and Facebook comments that praise the customer support. And rightly so – those are passionate and patient professionals willing to help anyone who needs help with their CBD products.

Lab Reports

Every CBD company that wants to appear responsive and quality-oriented provides lab test results for every batch, and it is not an exception with Bluebird Botanicals hemp CBD oil. You can search their online database for the lot number on your product and make sure that it was properly tested, as well as all the details about its contents.

Final Word

“Is Bluebird Botanicals legit?” Well, the company has recently earned a B Corp™ Certification for the way it’s run and how it strives to be about the positive change in society, not only about the profits.

It’s clear that a company with substandard product quality would not get honored with inclusion in this list. I personally enjoyed everything about Bluebird: its products, customer support, and a convenient website.

The prices may be a bit steep, but the company provides a good deal of discounts and supports various non-profits financially, so you know you’re paying for more than just quality products. I am going to end my Bluebird Botanicals CBD review by recommending to definitely check it out and contact them to help you choose the best product for you.

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