Company Overview

With all the giant CBD producers out there, it’s more and more difficult for new companies to find their place in the industry and attract customers. Luckily, people still keep discovering CBD products for themselves, and so there is still room for newcomers. This is why I believe it’s especially important for me to read previous and write new Lazarus Naturals reviews 2020.

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When it comes to a small 100% employee-owned company like this one, its earlier reviews may no longer be relevant, and so potential customers deserve to learn about the improvements and current state of things. Lazarus Naturals does not have a whole lot of products, but there are some peculiar options. Hopefully, my Lazarus Naturals tincture review will put this fine company on your radar.

Products and Prices

So, when I said that there are no lots of products on this website, I was comparing it to those CBD companies that just have endless products pages with every imaginable thing and a CBD label on it. Lazarus Naturals does have a good selection and focuses on its categories, although you won’t find vaping products or CBD gummies here.

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Here are the Lazarus Naturals CBD options for you:

  • tinctures
  • capsules
  • isolates
  • coconut oil
  • tinctures for pets
  • RSO CBD oil
  • balms and massage oils

And then there is some merchandise in case you want to support the brand additionally and spread the word about it. As you can see, that’s quite a decent selection.

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Besides trying tinctures, I also wanted this to be a Lazarus Naturals RSO review, so let me introduce this product to you in case you are not familiar with it yet. It’s short for Rick Simpson Oil, a particularly strong hemp concentrate named after its creator who used different strains.

There is a belief that RSO can be effectively used against cancer, as well as for treating some other physical and mental illnesses. This full-spectrum hemp oil comes in 10 ml and 50 ml sizes with a potency of 100 mg of CBD per ml. They cost 40 USD and 180 USD respectively.

As for the tinctures that are part of my Lazarus Naturals CBD review, they are represented by:

Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture of Standard Potency

  • 225 mg in a 15 ml bottle for 12 USD
  • 900 mg in a 60 ml bottle for 38 USD
  • 1800 mg in a 120 ml bottle for 70 USD

Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture of High Potency

  • 750 mg in a 15 ml bottle for 32 USD
  • 3000 mg in a 60 ml bottle for 110 USD
  • 6000 mg in a 120 ml bottle for 200 USD

THC-Free CBD Isolate

  • 750 mg in a 15 ml bottle for 40 USD
  • 3000 mg in a 60 ml bottle for 125 USD

Popular Flavors

Lazarus Naturals high potency CBD oils come in extra flavors, while those that are considered standard potency are available with the original hemp extract flavor only. I must admit, this is a somewhat weird distinction and I don’t know why it wasn’t possible to make all of them available in various flavors.

It would also be easier to understand how it works and choose the products according to the required potency and preferred flavor. Oh, well, if you can’t stand the taste of CBD oil, you can add it into drinks, ice cream, or else, and it will dissolve completely.

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High potency oils come in two flavors, Chocolate Mint Flavored and French Vanilla Mocha Flavored, and I personally really liked the first one since it was sweet and very refreshing. The second one was good too, just not my personal pick.


Luckily, the 750 mg CBD tincture was the perfect choice for my back pain, so I got to enjoy the flavor, and pain relief a little later. I knew that there was no point in relying too much on Lazarus Naturals CBD reviews Reddit users left, even though many of them claimed to be using the company products for many years. What worked for them might not have worked for me, but it did.

My Experience and Favorite Product

At times, my back pain gets too unbearable, and that’s when I need some of the more potent products, although not nearly as potent as some of the options available on this website. This is what I decided to try Lazarus Naturals RSO CBD oil for, and it had a great and very quick effect. What I also like about it is that it can also be applied as a topical directly on the skin.

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Online Reputation

I was glad to see that there were actually some Lazarus Naturals reviews on various platforms and websites, and they were all mainly positive and very supportive. Many reviewers appreciate the company’s policy of making CBD products as affordable as possible to those who have the strongest need in them.

So, if you are a military veteran, suffer from serious disabilities, or have a low income, you have a chance to get a lifelong discount of up to 60%. This is just unprecedented, considering that the Lazarus Naturals CBD oil for pain is already more affordable than in most popular online stores.

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Lab Reports

The best thing smaller and rising CBD companies have to provide to be recognized is the lab testing reports. Lazarus Naturals went a step farther than just uploading the latest reports for each product, they also let you see the documentation for earlier batches.

lab reports

The reason I find this important is because you can compare them and see how reports became more detailed over time, offering even more transparency. I also stumbled upon a negative Lazarus Naturals review Reddit user left, complaining that certain testing information was not available. To my surprise, the company representative soon replied with clarifications and promised that they would provide such information from then on.

Final Word

Now that I have to sum up my Lazarus Naturals review, I really can’t come up with any significant drawbacks. Well, apart from some confusion caused by CBD oil flavors and why standard potency tinctures come without any of those options.

Other than that, it’s a really great place to purchase lab-tested CBD products at affordable prices. And if you are a military veteran, suffer from a disability, or have a low-income household, there’s probably no better CBD store for you!

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