Company Overview

Hemplucid is a relatively young company, operating since 2016, and it has a mission of educating people about CBD products, their benefits, effects, specifics, etc. As can be derived from the company's name, it wants to be honest with its customers. Many Hemplucid CBD reviews seem to really appreciate such an approach, enjoying their products at the same time.

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On their website, which looks decent and respectable, it is stated that Hemplucid is proud to make no claims. What they mean by it is that they care about spreading the truth about hemp products instead of just chasing high sales achieved with the help of all kinds of promises.

Is Hemplucid scam? So far, it seems quite the opposite. But it's one thing what we see on the website, and I prefer to make conclusions after I have tried the product and can see the whole picture.

Products and Prices

You will hardly find detailed feedback on all Hemplucid products on one page because of their sheer number. Instead, I recommend you to first visit their site, see what you're most interested in, and then look for Hemplucid 1500mg reviews, for example. In my case, I went for the less potent tinctures. Anyways, here's a list of the available options:

Water Soluble Whole-Plant CBD tincture

The company's main full-spectrum product, developed using nano-technology for improved bioavilability. Because of it being water-soluble, the company says its subligual bioavilability is more advanced than that of any other CBD oil.

Hemplucid's MCT Oil

This is This is another full-spectrum oil oil that allows experiencing the entourage effect due to the usage of medium-chain triglyceride. According to Hemplucid reviews, this product is recommended to those who don't want to take their CBD often but prefer long-lasting effects after just one serving.

Hemplucid's Hemp Seed Oil

This oil is considered ultra-nutritious, because CBD is absorbed extremely well with fat this oil is rich with. It's important to point out, however, that these are healthy fats, and therefore, Hemplucid 1000mg reviews for this product agree that it has a positive effect on human health.

This and the previous oil are both available in potencies up to as high as 2000mg, while for the water-soluble 1500mg option is the highest you can order. The prices for all three oils that come in a 1oz/30ml bottle are as follows:

  • 250mg for USD 39.95
  • 500mg for USD 69.95
  • 1000mg for USD 124.95
  • 1500mg for USD 169.95
  • 2000mg for USD 199.95

Hemplucid's Vape / Drip

Many CBD enthusiasts and producers agree that vaping is one of the quickest ways to absorb cannabinoids. Therefore, Hemplucid did not ignore this option, and it offers a full-spectrum hemp CBD with a sweet flavor for those who prefer not to wait for long for it to kick in. This product comes in following variations:

  • 150mg for USD 29.95
  • 300mg for USD 46.95
  • 500mg for USD 69.95
  • 1000mg for USD 124.95
  • 1500mg for USD 169.95
hemplucid assortment

The catalog also includes two more oil options, water-soluble and MCT, with THC completely removed from them. I did not buy those, however, so let's leave them for some other Hemplucid CBD oil review.

Other THC-free products you can see on the site are CBD gummies (rather potent ones, 15mg and 25mg per single gummy) and a 500mg menthol muscle rub. Finally, Hemplucid's list of full-spectrum products closes with CBD edible gummies, gel capsules, body creams, lip balm, and CBD wax.

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Popular Flavors

Unfortunately, I cannot say that I tried many flavors for my Hemplucid 500mg review since tinctures only come with a natural flavor. This must be a part of the company's vision and mission to show what real and pure hemp products look and taste like.

Therefore, they have a transparent bottle that lets you see the oil color without opening it. As for the taste, some may find it a bit bitter, as I did. But that came as no surprise to me, I have tasted natural CBD tinctures before and know that for me, they are best ingested when mixed with something sweet.

The only exceptions to this natural flavor policy are CBD oil tinctures for pets. Dogs get a chicken flavor, while cats are offered a fish flavor.


It's a good thing I decided not to be writing a solely Hemplucid 250mg review but bought a few more potent bottles. While that one did seem to improve my sleep, it was 500mg oil that took care of my back pain.

understand how cbd works

I also bought a couple of bottles of oil for my cat (yeah, both options). He seemed to like the chicken flavor just as well and definitely became a bit more serene.

My Experience and Favorite Product

For me, Hemplucid's 500mg MCT Oil was the best option since I took it in the morning, and the effect lasted almost the whole day. As I said before, I prefer mixing it with something else, most often with juice, and so the taste goes almost unnoticed. And when I took some more Hemplucid CBD for pain in the evening, it was quite effective in my case.

Online Reputation

The main issue people find with Hemplucid in their feedback is that it's not the most affordable company, and discounts or special deals are very difficult to come by. There also seems to be no price reduction programs for veterans or people with disabilities.

Other than that, the products receive good praise, there's rarely a negative Hemplucid oil review. Besides, many site visitors seem to appreciate Hemplucid University, which is a page with videos and articles educating people on hemp products, the industry, and tips for consuming such products in an easy-to-grasp manner.

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Lab Reports

Is Hemplucid legit? Naturally, seeing the overall approach Hemplucid has to producing and advertising its products, there was no doubt they would have test results available on the site.

And I was right. Not only can you look up your product's batch number, but also explore the previous lab results. This is very convenient for those who want to know what they are buying before paying for it.

Final Word

At the end of my Hemplucid review, I can say that this is a company that can probably lead others into a better future for the CBD industry due to its innovations and honest approach. I only wish there were more flavors available, and some discounts would be nice as well. However, many people seem to understand that such quality costs more and support the company the way it is.

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How to use Hemplucid vape drip?

There are two variants of how hemplucid vape drip can be used: you can use it either in a vaporizer or orally. The versatility makes this product really popular among users.

Does Hemplucid get you high?

No, it won't. Products from Hemplucid are non-intoxicating. Some items contain THC, but less than 0,3%. This isn't enough to get you high.

What does Hemplucid help with?

People usually purchase CBD products to find balance and to support their well-being. Goods from Hemplucid help to relax, feel calm and get rid of the everyday stress.

Is Hemplucid safe?

Yes, products from Hemplucid are safe. They are made of premium hemp grown on the organic farmland in the US. All products are safe to use if you adhere to the dosage.

Is Hemplucid legal?

This is a reliable company producing various CBD products with the THC less than 0,3%, so they are legal across the US.