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The purpose of this cbdMD review is, as always, to discover what this company can offer to CBD enthusiasts, how good and expensive its products are. With the CBD boom, there’s just no end to these companies, it seems you can come across a new one every day.

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So, is cbdMD scam that lies about the cannabinoids content in its products, luring in customers with attractively low prices? Or is it actually a decent CBD manufacturer that simply has not earned the recognition it deserves yet?

Based on my experience with it, it’s safe to say that scam cbdMD is not. So, let’s dive in for our cbdMD freeze review along with other products, of which the company has quite a few.

Products and Prices

cbdMD offers such a wide variety of products, that it’s definitely its strong feature, especially since it gives customers an opportunity to purchase several bundles, saving money and trying a few products at once. The company offers CBD gummies, tinctures, capsules, topicals, sleep aid oil, bath bombs, and CBD products for pets (tinctures, treats, chews, topicals).

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I’d love to try and review all of these, but I’ll have to keep this mainly a cbdMD CBD oil review. Speaking of which, it comes in 30ml bottles with 6 potency options:

  • 300mg for $29.99
  • 750mg for $69.99
  • 1500mg for $99.99
  • 3000mg for $149.99
  • 5000mg for $239.99
  • 7500mg for $339.99

60ml bottles only come in 1000mg ($74.99) and 1500mg ($99.99) options.

I also bought the CBD Freeze squeeze (also available as a roller) for my back pain. It comes in a 90ml container, and the price ranges like this:

  • 300mg for $29.99
  • 750mg for $69.99
  • 1500mg for $99.99

You may want to check out cbd MD reviews for other topicals like CBD Inflammation Formula and CBD Moisturizing Lotion.

Popular Flavors

Besides a rich choice of potency, oil tinctures also have several flavors. There is, of course, a natural unflavored option, which maintains hemp’s slight earthy notes. Other options for tinctures include mint, berry, and orange should you want to mask the original taste.

The price doesn’t change when you switch between flavors, so if you’re in for something sweet, go ahead with orange. Mint does a good job of adding a refreshing aftertaste, and so does blackberry. An important thing to note in this cbdMD tincture review – 500mg and 7500mg only have the natural and berry flavors.

Now, something I did not anticipate was for my freeze pain relief topical to have a flavor as well, which was a strong yet pleasant menthol scent. This surprising detail also resulted in a cooling effect when applied to my skin.

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And although I didn’t buy any other products, naturally, some of them also have different flavors. So, to find out which taste your pet will enjoy the most, you can order treats with the taste of baked cheese, sweet potato, or peanut butter. Chews for dogs can taste like turkey, bacon, or chicken & bacon, while for cats, it will be salmon or chicken & catnip.


It’s great, of course, that there are so many options on the site, but do the products work, is cbdMD legit? Absolutely, yes. It definitely worked for me, so I can vouch for it being a relevant company that is honest with its customers.

Just as long as you have some experience with CBD and already know your dosage and the preferred way of ingesting it, it should work for you too. I checked for other cbdMD oil reviews, of course, to compare the experience, and it seemed most customers had similar thoughts and didn’t regret their purchases.

My Experience and Favorite Product

As you may recall, I bought the freeze topical for pain relief and some tinctures for my cbdMD oil review. I did not go with the most potent ones, because, first of all, I did not want to pay so much for my first time buying from a new company, and because I know from my experience that some lower potencies were going to be enough for me.

Tinctures worked rather well, I added the natural-flavored one into my juice and didn’t even taste it. The fruit-flavored ones I applied directly and enjoyed orange the most, it was the sweetest.

However, what worked the best for me was the freeze topical. It kicked in almost immediately due to the added menthol, and after a few minutes of these pleasant sensations, I noticed that my pain subsided.

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Online Reputation

If you look for cbdMD review Reddit threads and comments, you will easily find enough of them to get a general idea of the experience people have had with these CBD products. They mostly seem to find cbdMD oil tinctures, gummies, vape juice and others effective.

Some customers have been using them for years, and they also appreciate discounts for military veterans (30%) and for those customers who are legally disabled (40%). Besides, apparently, there are other ways to get a discount up to 20%, making the products even more affordable.

A good number of negative cbdMD reviews, however, complained about delivery issues and bad customer support, which was either not helpful or irresponsive. Those weren’t the case for me, but I guess, there may be some areas cbdMD still has to work on.

Lab Reports

Finding the cbdMD lab results on their website turned out to be a bit tricky, as you have to locate the link on the “About cbdMD” page. Nevertheless, the important thing is that the company does run tests via a third-party organization SClabs and provides the results for everyone to see.

I also liked that you can check the results for previous batches without purchasing anything and entering numbers of your own products.

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Final Word

cbdMD is a decent representative of the U.S. cannabinoid manufacturers, although not the most popular one. The company has a good reputation among its customers, its transparency and the wide variety of CBD products are likely to help it become more prominent. There may be some issues with customer support, but I did not experience them personally. The prices are quite affordable, and even more so if you get a discount

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