Company Overview

CBDistillery is a trusted company founded by a couple of Colorado-based CBD enthusiasts in 2016. At that time, people could be asking, “Is CBDistillery scam?” Nowadays, however, there is no reason to doubt its reliability.

The company has been promoting CBD products and educating people about them in various ways, The Ultimate CBD User Guide being one of them. It was also certified by the U.S. Help Authority and is part of the National Hemp Association.

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Nevertheless, all this does not mean that there is no need in CBDistillery reviews 2020, because things change, and what was true about a company a couple of years ago may no longer be so nowadays. The more current the review is, the better. I saw it as a great opportunity to test some of the CBDistillery products and share my latest experience with you.

Products and Prices

Most of the CBDistillery reviews pay attention to the wide range of products, and although it's not necessarily the most impressive list I've seen, it's still great to see such a variety of options.

Considering that the company also warns customers against CBD gimmicks like CBD condoms, candles, or toilet paper, it's clear that you won't see such preposterous offers on this website. No, all of its products are more boring than that and quite standard. Which is actually good.

wide range of cbdistillery products

So, the company's product range includes CBD oils, capsules and softgels, gummies, topicals (creams, lip balms, salves, and relief sticks), and CBD isolate powder. Quite a nice selection, I would say.

And in case you've read some CBDistillery reviews Reddit vaping enthusiasts left but don't see these products on the site, I assure you, there are actually vape pens, cartridges, and e-liquids with a variety of flavors there. However, they are for some reason not displayed in the main menu or mentioned on the main page but can be accessed via the menu on the left on the Products page.

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Since this is mainly a CBDistillery tincture review, let's take a closer look at the options available in this category and their prices. While there are different potency choices, all oils come in a 30 ml bottle with a dropper.

Full-spectrum tinctures are represented by the following options (sale prices are shown in the brackets):

  • 250 mg for 30 USD (20 USD)
  • 500 mg for 45 USD (35 USD)
  • 1000 mg for 70 USD (60 USD)
  • 2500 mg for 155 USD (130 USD)
  • 5000 mg for 260 USD (240 USD)

THC-free oils come with the same potency choices but at lower prices.

thc free oils

Popular Flavors

Were it a vape products review and not a CBDistillery 500mg review, I could have tried various flavors and wrote about them. Unfortunately, tinctures don't have any options in this regard, there are no flavor additives. Or fortunately, since you can take it as it is and experience the natural and pretty distinct hemp taste.

That's if you go with full-spectrum oils. Isolate oils and powders have only a slightly noticeable flavor. And if you don't like the original taste, you can always add it to some food or drinks and ingest it the way you like without overpaying for flavors offered by various companies.

cbdistillery oils


I was not sure whether I should write a CBDistillery 1000mg review right away or if 500 mg would be enough for my back pain. Usually, it is, but I still ordered both options just in case. After all, I had 7 days to return the unopened product and get my money back if I decided I did not need it.

Nevertheless, even though 500 mg worked for me just fine, I decided to leave it should my pain ever get stronger. And if you need even more CBDistillery extra strength, you are likely to get just enough with 2500 mg or 5000 mg oils.

My Experience and Favorite Product

I did enjoy my full-spectrum CBD tincture, especially since it was available at a reduced price and there was a promo code for first-time customers. It is evident that CBDistillery uses quality source materials like it says, following the best natural farming practices.

The only thing that really annoyed me was the products page which lacked structure. You are just shown all the available options separately, and there is no order in how they are displayed.

I would like to see full-spectrum oils and THC-free oils separately, and their potency to go from the least potent to the most potent in each category. I've seen some of theCBDistillery reviews complaining about it as well, but for some reason, the company has done nothing about making the shopping process more comfortable.

cbdistillery oils

Online Reputation

Overall, there is no lack of feedback as CBDistillery is one of the better known CBD producers. The company's active participation in the #CBDMovement also accounts for its popularity and helps people interested in these products to discover their website.

If you check CBDistillery reviews for pain, you will see that most customers were either satisfied with their experience or felt that they should try a higher dose or potency.

Lab Reports

Another reason why I find CBDistillery trustworthy is that the company provides the results of lab testing on the products' pages. It took me a while to notice them, but I was glad when I did. I usually expect there to be a separate page in the main menu.

wide range of products

And when you get your order, you can scan a QR code on the product to see the report for that particular batch.

Final Word

Is CBDistillery legit? I think you have every proof it is by now. Not only does the company offer a good selection of products with various application methods, but there are discount codes, sales, and package deals, making them even more affordable.

The tincture worked for me and, according to the feedback on the site and on other platforms, the company has a great number of followers. So, I would like to finish my CBDistillery oil review by recommending this company and feeling the effects of its products on your own.

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Does CBDistillery have thc?

The company makes various CBD products including THC-free oils as well as full-spectrum tinctures which contain less than 0,3% THC. Such goods as gummies, softgels, capsules and vape products have no THC.

How does CBDistillery extract cbd?

Cbdistillery uses a CO2 extraction to get the CBD oild from hemp. It is considered to be one of the best and safest methods. All the products have certificates from the US Hemp Authority.

Is CBDistillery full spectrum?

The company produces numerous CBD products, including full spectrum ones. Full spectrum oil tinctures go in various strengths-500mg, 1000mg and 2500mg.

Is CBDistillery fda approved?

CBDistillery is certified by the USHA. The brand has met strict standards of quality and is absolutely safe to use if clients adhere to the dosage and the instruction.

Who owns CBDistillery?

The co-founders of the company are Papilion and Lincoln Sorenson. They had a strong wish to provide people with top-quality CBD products, so decided to launch a their own brand in 2016.