Company Overview

Elixinol is a company manufacturing and distributing CBD products on an international scale. It’s widely regarded as one of the top hemp extracts producers, and Elixinol reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The company has an A+ rating on BBB which proves that its team really follows its principles in order to supply its customers with products of the highest quality.

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Although this is mainly an Elixinol 300 review because I was most interested in their hemp oil drops, I cannot ignore all the forms and shapes Elixinol hemp extract comes in. The company is constantly working on finding new ways to suit as many customers as possible so that you can order the most appropriate CBD product for your condition.

And so, there are hemp oil tinctures, capsules, powder, oral applicators, balms, skincare products, and even dog treats. There’s also Elixinol Respira Hemp Oil, which can be either vaped, put under a tongue, or used as a food supplement. Judging from all the Elixinol Respira reviews, people love this product and are grateful for the company’s innovative ways of use.

Prices and Discounts

Most Elixinol customer reviews agree that the prices may seem too high at first, but they are still affordable and very reasonable for the products’ quality. Here are some of the prices to give you an idea of how much you should expect to pay.

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CBD Tinctures (Hemp Oil Drops)

  • 300mg for $29.99
  • 3600mg for $249.99

CBD Tinctures (Respira Hemp Oil)

  • 300mg for $39.99
  • 600mg for $74.99

CBD Liposome Hemp Extract

  • 300mg for $59.99
  • 1000mg for $129.99

X-Pen CBD Oral Applicators

  • 1000mg for $129.99

CBD Hemp Oil Capsules

  • 450mg for $35.99
  • 900mg for $63.99
  • 1350mg for $79.20

You may notice different prices in other Elixinol CBD capsules reviews, because at the time of writing this one, these products were on sale with 20% off. Another way to try this company’s products at a lower price is by using an Elixinol coupon.

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Flavor and Taste

Most Elixinol products come with various flavors. CBD tinctures are available with a natural or cinnamint flavor. Respira CBD oil comes with a natural or grape mint taste. CBD Liposome Hemp Extract has only one option, and that’s a citrus flavor.

CBD powder is available in three options: berry, citrus, and cocoa. You can also buy a mixed flavors box, containing seven sachets of each flavor.


The first time I ordered two 300mg CBD tinctures bottles in both available flavors so that I could compare them. The effect was quite noticeable, upon taking the drops I immediately started feeling elevated and relaxed yet with a clear mind. In other words, it didn’t get me high, so I could function quite well (and better than before the drops).

I later decided to try CBD liposome hemp extract and CBD powder and was not disappointed either.

Lab Reports

Since the industry is not yet regulated, it’s up to the company to guarantee the quality and safety of its products. Elixinol approaches this task seriously, and every batch is tested to ensure there are no contaminants or any deviations. So, if you’re wondering, “Is Elixinol legitimate?” you can check the batch number on your product and enter it on the site to find out about the results of testing.

Online Reputation

Finding a negative Elixinol CBD review is rather a challenge. People have been sharing the great results they experienced with these products. Reading all this feedback also helps to see how beneficial the usage of Elixinol hemp products is to people with different conditions.

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If we forget about the products’ quality and positive effects they have on customers’ health, there are also some things people are less happy about. Some people voice their dissatisfaction with the work of customer support. Although I experienced no problems with it, it seems there is place for improvement in this department. Other customers complain about delays in delivery. Things like that happen, that’s no surprise. So, if you need CBD products for your condition, I would advise you to always order some extra and do it with some time to spare.

My Favorite Product

From what I tried, I liked liposomal CBD the most. It comes more expensive than regular hemp extracts, and there are clear reasons for that. First of all, this new technology helps cannabinoids to be absorbed easier and faster. Besides, liposomes are delivered in a bottle made of Miron glass designed to only let certain light wavelengths to go through. This results in keeping the product intact while destroying any harmful microorganisms.


Aside from lab testing all the products go through, Elixinol CBD oil reviews are the best guarantee one can get. The BBB rating of an A+ is also a good sign of a trustworthy company.

On the site, it is also mentioned that one should consult with a physician before using any of the products directly or as supplements. Elixinol provides products that can improve your health, but only if used correctly, so the consumers are also responsible for the results.

My Verdict

Elixinol hemp extract products have proven their effectiveness to me, and other customers have also spoken in favor. If you are willing to pay a little extra for higher quality, you should not ignore this company. Besides, there are promo codes and sales, letting you save some money while trying it out. And if you live in the US, delivery is free, so that’s another reason to give it a shot.

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