Company Overview

Today, I’m gonna tell you about one more brand known for making various top-quality CBD goods. You’ll get to know from my Pure Hemp Botanicals review about the most popular items available on their website, my experience of using their stuff, and the effectiveness of the sold items. 

Pure Hemp Botanicals is a company based in Colorado. They make their products from organic hemp and claim to be a cruelty-free brand. Yes, almost every business nowadays shouts about its eco-friendly production and tolerance towards the environment. This manufacturer isn’t an exception, for sure. What is more, all the packaging of CBD products is made of plant-based stuff. This is a great plus because the brand demonstrates its care for the environment by implementing modern technologies.

The company donates 1% from sales to Mercy for Animals, this is a nonprofit organization which is against cruel attitude towards animals and breeding them on farms. 

Doubtless, Pure Hemp Botanicals is a brand known not only for high-quality products but for a social conscience. 

Products and Prices

Pure Hemp Botanicals home page

The first thing that needs to be said in my Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD review is that an assortment of available products is impressive. On their website, you’ll find both full and broad spectrum tinctures, as well as softgels, balms, lotions, stuff for pets, mints, and hemp tea. Have never heard about the last option? It is worth giving a try, for sure, but I’ll tell about my experience a bit later. 

Looking for a special gift for a friend? There is a superb solution - compassion combo. The set consists of two kinds of hemp tea and a full spectrum tincture. It will cost you $100. Don’t thank me for the perfect gift idea! I’ve already purchased some for my buddies. 

One should note that the price policy of the company is really loyal. You can find CBD items for every budget. The price for full-spectrum tinctures varies from around $25 to $124,95 depending on the potency, broad-spectrum ones will cost you from $49,95 to $79,95. If you just wanna try some stuff with cannabidiol and have no previous experience, better start with the lower potency products. 

Products and Prices in Pure Hemp Botanicals

Everyone searches for sales, and I’m not a black sheep as well! I checked the website and came across some special offers. So, if you wanna save some bucks, this website is a good option. 

Popular Flavors 

 I’m not going into much detail regarding flavors of products made by the company. Mints come in strawberry-mango and spearmint flavors, tinctures have a natural flavor and won’t make a super-wow taste effect if you get used to a variety of flavors offered by other brands. 

As for the pure hemp tea, one can choose among the following flavors: ginger turmeric, peppermint mate, spearmint lemongrass, apple hibiscus, and pure hemp flavor. 


It is hard to find at least a single Pure Hemp Botanicals vape pen review where someone speaks about the ineffectiveness of CBD products. The majority of those who’ve ever tried some items from this brand say about their effectiveness. 

Whenever you are suffering from depression, stress, bad mood, have problems with sleep, or suffer from back pain, feel free to take CBD products to experience the positive health effect. The main thing is to adhere to the daily dosage, and then, you’ll definitely see that products from this company are effective and helpful in dealing with headache, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and the rest of the health disorders.

My Experience and Favorite Product

screenshot with hemp tea

You know, my intention was to write a Pure Hemp Botanicals vape review first, but then I changed my mind. You know, vaping isn’t my favorite, so I’ll focus on tea and broad-spectrum tinctures from the brand. 

At first, I was a bit skeptical about hemp tea (I actually picked their apple hibiscus). The aroma and taste are great. After drinking a cup of tea after the workday, I feel relaxed and have no more mood swings. So, if you feel exhausted and squeezed like a lemon, I advise to give a try this hemp tea. 

Doubtless, if you have severe health problems, tea won’t work, better stick to something more intense. 750mg broad-spectrum tinctures helped me get rid of my knee pain. This is an old injury bothering me once in a while. I shared them with my bro, and he was also pleased with the calming effect. His shoulder ached after the basketball match last Sunday. 

So, to wrap up, CBD items from this company work if you adhere to the dosage and consume them wisely. Have any concerns? Better don’t risk and advise a doctor before picking any products containing cannabidiol. 

Online Reputation

Those reviews about the company I came across online were quite positive. People shared their experience of using various products from this manufacturer and admitted improvements in their health. As I’ve told you, my experience was positive too.

 I failed to find at least one negative Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD tincture review, so I came to a conclusion, this brand is trusted and worth attention. I personally definitely like the fact that a company cares not only about its profit but is environmentally-friendly and implies new technologies in making their stuff. 

Lab Reports

Pure Hemp Botanicals is a brand that cares about its reputation and provides lab tests for their products. They are shown on their website in the section - Lab results. If you have some questions concerning lab reports, you can contact their managers via live chat. The customer support agents are not always online, so you’ll have to provide your email to get in touch with you. 

lab tests for their products

Final Word

It’s time to wrap up everything written above. Pure Hemp Botanicals impressed me a lot due to their top-quality products. This brand is trustworthy and safe to use. Their products appeal to everyone leaving a healthy lifestyle because they are not only non-GMO, but vegan and organic. A big plus to the brand is that they care about the environment and do everything possible to minimize the harm of applying new eco-friendly packaging. Business ethics, as well as client satisfaction, is their priority. 

Those having doubts about the safety of the available items can check the lab results section to get to know the detailed info about the batch number and its meaning. As for the price policy, it is quite loyal. High-quality products can’t be cheap, and this is a truth everyone knows. Don’t wanna spend big bucks, there are options with lower potency and such affordable items as mints, balms, and tea. Just pick the product that will meet all your requirements and needs.

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Is Pure Hemp Botanicals legit?

Yes, this brand is legit and offers a vast variety of CBD stuff. They ship their products to 49 states including Alaska and Hawaii.

How to use Pure Hemp Botanicals vape pen?

It doesn’t differ from other vape pens. Get a fast-acting result after taking a puff. If a vape pen is something new to you, better start with a short inhale.

Where to buy Pure Hemp Botanicals?

The easiest way to get some CBD products from this brand is to order them online from their website. The hours of operation are from 8 a.m till 4 p.m., five days a week, from Monday to Friday.