Company Overview

HempWorx is a comparatively new player on the CBD market since it was launched in 2017 as part of MyDailyChoice, a network marketing company founded and run by Josh Zwagil.

The initiative to enter the CBD industry belonged to Josh's partner and business affiliate Jenna Zwagil, who had experienced the positive effects of hemp oil and became the founder of HempWorx. Being associated with a preexistent business is probably one of the factors that helped the company to gain recognition and soar to the top.

hempworx review

Another thing that makes HempWorx different than most of its competitors is that it utilizes multi-level marketing in its operation. Although this approach helps to spread the word about its products, it also makes many people ask “Is HempWorx scam?”

I was curious to answer that question and to explore what this company has to offer, how it operates, what the general feedback is, whether there are any HempWorx CBD oil side effects. So, basically, I wanted to know what every potential customer wants to know, and that's whether it is safe to use the company’s products and whether they are worth it.

Products and Prices

HempWorx CBD oil is the most popular product, but not the only one. From what I see, the company has expanded its products line in recent years, as its online store lists more items than mentioned by many reviews I checked. So, this is another reason and a great opportunity to write a more up-to-date HempWorx review.

Besides full-spectrum and THC-free tinctures, the company offers CBD topicals, gummies, bath bombs, CBD coffee and keto coffee creamers, as well as CBD oil and treats for pets.

hempworx cbd products

The hair care products line consists of hair masks, shampoo, conditioners, hair serums, hand and body lotions.

While some people will find this products range impressive, there is no way to avoid HempWorx reviews Reddit commenters would bash and call the company a scam. I prefer to withhold comments about these products for now, even though I do find them uncommon and understand how they may seem questionable.

Let's see what we have in terms of CBD oil, how potent it is, and how much it costs. Full-spectrum CBD oil comes in 30 ml / 1 oz bottles, and there are three potency choices:

  • 500 mg for 69 USD
  • 750 mg for 89 USD
  • 1500 mg for 149 USD

I must admit, such a range is rather uncommon, and I do feel that the step from HempWorx 500 mg to 750 mg may not be very noticeable, while the next option of 1500 mg is twice as potent as the previous one.

I'm not sure why HempWorx didn't go with the standard 500/1000/1500 mg scheme. The price increase is also very noticeable that way, and some people may just not be able to get an intermediate option here that would have been perfect for them.

hempworx full spectrum cbd oil

THC-Free tinctures are also available in 30 ml / 1 oz bottles, and there are only two options here, HempWorx 750 and 500 mg, and their prices are the same as of their full-spectrum analogs.

No doubt, the company's products are quite pricy, and there was no visible discount code for first-time customers or anything like that. I guess that you get better prices if you become a HempWorx affiliate and pay 20 USD for joining the program.

And even though I've met quite a few HempWorx testimonials from people who seem to be happy and grateful for such an option, that's a whole other story and just not something one would do for a one-time introductory purchase.

hempworx full spectrum cbd oil

And then there are also two value packs, a HempWorx Director Pack letting you choose four products at a special price from 199 USD, and a HempWorx Executive Pack with twelve products from 599 USD. Considering the initial prices, I guess those are good deals.

hempworx full spectrum

Popular Flavors

Despite an impressive range of products, there's not much to talk about in HempWorx 500 reviews when it comes to flavors. There's a natural flavor, which has an earthy taste that some people notice less, but I feel it quite well and prefer not to take this tincture by simply putting drops under my tongue.

No, I'd have to mix it with something, some juice most often, for the best experience. Luckily, there are two more flavors that are available for all potency options, but only if you choose full-spectrum oil. They are peppermint and cinnamon, both of which were quite pleasant and made the oil not just much more bearable but quite tasty actually.

THC-free HempWorx 750 reviews and 500 ones as well will only have to deal with the natural hemp taste.


Once again, I have to voice my disappointment with there being no 1000 mg CBD oil available. Most of the time, HempWorx 750 mg worked fine for me, but for those rare cases when my pain got more severe, I wished for some stronger and more efficient HempWorx relief solution.

Their topicals labeled Relief and Renew are of even lower potency, so I didn't bother ordering them, knowing from my experience that they would not do me much good. I checked some other HempWorx reviews for pain treatment and found out that some people had no complaints about these products.

Quite on the contrary, they confessed that they got desperate when nothing was helping their pain, but then they tried HempWorx, adhered to the guide on usage and dosage provided by the company, and finally felt the long-sought-after relief.

My Experience and Favorite Product

So, is HempWorx legit? I never said it wasn't, it just didn't work the best for me, and I have some companies in mind where I can get this stuff at a lower price without compromising the quality. Nevertheless, there are people who seem to be content with HempWorx as it is, especially if they have been looking for a way to earn money and found being an affiliate just the thing for them.

 cbd coffee

I, however, bought some hemp-infused coffee along with the tinctures for my HempWorx CBD oil review. I just couldn't refuse to try what it would be like, and it did not disappoint. Since there are organic Arabica beans and organic Chaga mushroom powder present as the ingredients, I tasted no hemp but definitely felt its effects afterwards.

This was a perfect combination that helped me to wake up faster and get induced with energy and confidence in the mornings. I'm curious to see what other products and unexpected combinations HempWorx comes up with in the future.

Online Reputation

While most HempWorx CBD reviews speak highly of the company or at least mention it in a positive way, there is a lot of negativity from those who haven't even tried it but feel apprehensive towards the fact that it is an MLM business.

Some even complain about the ordering process, which requires you to register either as a preferred customer or an affiliate first. And frankly, they haven't finished the procedure, because all it requires is for you to provide your name, email, and phone number. So, nothing any other online shop wouldn't ask you at checkout.

 cbd coffee

I think that one of the reasons HempWorx is structured like this is to help the company go viral and be advertised by its users. In the world when we get new CBD producers every day, fighting for recognition and dominance, I cannot blame the company for trying to achieve it in such an unconventional manner.

Lab Reports

Whatever some Hemp Worx reviews may have to say about its way of handling business, it's lab reports that matter to me. If they are available, and if everything seems fine with the products' composition, I can accept prices higher than average and certain company specifics.

And since HempWorx seems to be about transparency, they do provide the third-party testing results for all of their products. There is a Documentation menu right at the top of the page, and it will lead you right to the reports. Upon examining the results of testing conducted by the ProVerde Laboratories, I had no more reason to doubt HempWorx's commitment to providing quality products.

hempworx lab reports

Final Word

I have to be honest, I like it when you can associate a company with certain people. It makes it easier to trust it compared to those businesses that hide all the possible information about them and their owners. Sure, this guarantees nothing, and business owners often use this trick to gain customers' trust.

However, for my final verdict, I relied on HempWorx reviews, lab testing results, my own research and experience, and now you can rely on my findings. This is not the cheapest CBD store, but if you are looking for some interesting products or want to become a retailer of sorts while getting quality products at reduced prices, it's a unique opportunity for you.


Are HempWorx samples thc free?

All sample packs contain two bottles of CBD oil with the pepermint flavor. Both products are THC free.

Are HempWorx gummies thc free?

Yes, these edibles are THC free, so you won't experience any side effects of THC after the consumption. Gummies work well for gluten-intolerant clients and contain no artificial sweeteners.

Does HempWorx 500 contain thc??

There are two choices - a full spectrum one with trace amounts of THC and a broad spectrum version which is THC-free. It is up to you to decide which one to give preference to.

Does HempWorx cbd oil work?

It works fine for pain relief and helps to relax. A pile of Hempworx CBD oil reviews online prove this product is a good choice to get a long-sought-after relief.

Hempworx how do you use it?

Before using any product from Hempworx, adhere to the recommended dosage and a guide on how to use the chosen item. If you haven't found needed info, please contact managers of the company to get more details.