Company Overview

Hemb Bombs is one of those companies whose products you might have seen even if you have not been interested in CBD before. Its design is truly explosive and rich with bright colors, and this Florida-based enterprise has made itself visible since 2016 when it first started selling its products.

The bright packaging is not the only reason, the ever-growing products catalog keeps drawing attention again and again. Every time they add something new, you can expect there to be a new Hemp Bombs Reddit thread discussing whether that product is legit.

hempbombs homepage

Besides, the company's products can be purchased at gas stations or in your local stores, not only on its website and on Amazon. I'm personally truly amazed by all the things they decided to add cannabidiol to.

Hangover patches? CBD beard oil? CBD lollipops? You can't help but start wondering, “Is Hemp Bombs scam?” Why would people keep buying its products, allowing Hemp Bombs to come up with even more astonishing hemp-infused goods? Stay with me if you also want to know the answers.

Products and Prices

I feel like it's impossible to make this strictly a Hemp Bombs CBD oil review without mentioning all the bizarre and less surprising products, especially since there are so many of them, they don't even fit on the dropdown list available by clicking on the “Shop” menu button.

hempbombs products

So, here we go:

  • gummies
  • capsules
  • oil
  • E-liquid
  • vape battery
  • vape additive
  • essential oil rollers
  • topical hangover, sleep, and pain patches
  • heat relief spray
  • pain rub
  • lollipops
  • relaxation shots
  • syrup
  • biscuits and oil for pets
  • tattoo ointment
  • beard oil and balm

Now, consider the fact that many of the listed items come in different flavors, have different potency and volume options available. In other words, you can multiply that at least by three to imagine the number of separate products available on the site.

And then, there are over a dozen CBD bundles that offer some sweet price reductions. No wonder there are such high Hemp Bombs ratings and increasing popularity. This company is one of a kind, and people like all the fun and relaxation options it offers.

hempbombs lollipops

Let's forget about all that abundance of products for a while and pretend this is just a CBD oil review, which it is. Hemp Bombs offers quite a wide range of options in terms of potency, and depending on it, your tincture in a 30 ml bottle will cost:

  • 24.99 USD for 125 mg
  • 49.99 USD for 300 mg
  • 74.99 USD for 600 mg
  • 99.99 USD for 1000 mg
  • 169.99 USD for 2000 mg
  • 299.99 USD for 4000 mg

There are constant sales on various products, and you can discover discount codes by following the company on social media, so there is a chance to get those oils cheaper than the prices listed in this Hemp Bombs CBD oil 300mg review.

premium cbd bundles

Popular Flavors

Before we get to the available flavors of CBD tinctures, it's important to point out that they are all CBD isolates, just like the majority of products on the site. Some people view it as a win, others as a loss, because having such a variety of products and offering no full-spectrum or at least broad spectrum Hemp Bombs CBD oil for pain seems like a lost opportunity.

Seeing how rapidly the company's catalog expands, I won't be surprised if they introduce those options in the nearest future. What we need to know for now is that isolates have a hardly noticeable hemp taste. Nevertheless, there are four more flavors you get to choose from:

  • Peppermint
  • Watermelon
  • Orange Creamsicle
  • Acai Berry
300mg CBD oil


It's difficult to find a Hemp Bombs review Reddit comments won't argue with at least once, warning to stay away from this company and that they didn't feel any effects after taking its products.

It's always funny to see, considering that it's even written on the site that the company does not guarantee any specific health improvements and that the effects can be very individual.

However, most reviews I've read were saying they felt positive effects, although there were a couple of those who claimed to be experiencing some slight Hemp Bombs side effects like dizziness or blurry vision. It's hard to say how high such a risk is, so if you have any special health conditions, always consult a doctor before trying products like this.

My Experience and Favorite Product

Since CBD tinctures are one of the most common ways to ingest hemp extracts, I did try 300 mg, 600 mg, and 1000 mg options. I found all three working for me depending on the severity of my pain, and I wouldn't go with any lower or higher potencies.

I also ordered several other products but would like to point out CBD rub as a part of my Hemp Bombs pain freeze review. A 200 mg option worked miracles for my back, and I find a 4oz bottle for 39.99 USD a great deal, even before a discount.

Online Reputation

There is no point denying that Hemp Bombs relies greatly on its design and wants to show that CBD products are not some boring medicine items. Some people find that repulsive, they think it can only attract kids and teenagers and is overall pathetic.

I am not one of those, but I also cannot agree with those Hemp Bombs reviews that find this feature fantastic. I'm fine with whatever helps the company to advertise quality products and stay noticeable.

Lab Reports

Hemp Bombs is far from the only company utilizing such a marketing approach, yet it's proof of its products' quality what makes it stand out among those. This is something I value more than some random Hemp Bombs review, and the company provides lab testing results for its products. The documentation can be accessed by clicking the Learn button on the main menu.

hempworx lab reports

Final Word

I had my doubts before writing this Hemp Bombs CBD review, and this company had every chance to turn out a fake slamming “CBD” on top of just about any product to sell it at a higher price. I am always glad to be wrong, and this was one of such times.

Not only did I enjoy the products I ordered, but I am also psyched to try more, knowing that they really contain CBD and have an expected effect on me. Is Hemp Bombs legit? It sure is. Moreover, it's fun, it's affordable, it never keeps surprising its customers with new products.

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Are Hemp Bombs addictive?

No, goods from Hemp Bombs are not addictive. Their products are made of top-quality industrial hemp containing less than 0,3% of THC.

Do Hemp Bombs CBD gummies work?

If you adhere to the guide of usage and the dosage, you'll feel positive effect of gummies. They come in various flavors, just pick the one you prefer.

Does Hemp Bombs get you high?

No, goods from Hemp Bombs contain less than 0,3 % THC. This amount of THC isn't enough to get you high. To get more info about the content of THC in different products, check the lab tests on the website of the manufacturer.

Where is Hemp Bombs manufactured?

This is a Florida based company that has been selling CBD goods from 2016. All products are manufactured from the top-quality industrial hemp.

Who owns Hemp Bombs?

There is not so many info about the backstory of the company. It is known it is based in Tampa, Florida and partners with local farms to grow high-quality hemp.