Company overview

Today, I want you to have a look at my Ignite CBD review. The company was started by the well-known king of Instagram Dan Bilzerian and sells a wide range of products. Their website is a place to buy such cannabidiol products as drops (isolate, broad and full spectrum), gummies, topicals, toothpicks, goods for pets (drops, chew treats, creams, and sprays) and apparel (both for men and women).

There is also a section where clients see special offers and save some means, purchasing bundles. An online shop warns that all the offered products don't cure any diseases and they aren't dietary supplements. Is Ignite CBD legit? The company assures clients that yes, and they say all their products undergo testing and are safe to use. A pleasant surprise is a 15% Off on CBD products if you sign up.

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After registration, you get a coupon that expires in seven days. So, better don't procrastinate with purchasing some cannabidiol stuff.

Products and Prices

You may wonder, is Ignite CBD safe? An answer is YES. The service is absolutely safe to buy from. All the products available on the website contain 100% pure cannabidiol hemp extract. To receive a cannabidiol isolate, they use hemp growing on special farms in the Pacific Northwest of the US that is a guarantee of the high quality. The best selling products are:

Oil Drops - Blood Orange

Probably, the top product is CBD drops. 30 ml bottle costs $45. For the best result, it is recommended to place one ml under the tongue. It contains 33 mg of CBD. The product can also be applied on the skin and has to be rubbed in. Fast absorption and pleasant taste make it one of the bestsellers on the site. Drops help to relax, fight anxiety, pains, and help muscles to recover after intense workouts. One more popular flavor is a tropical fruit.

Disposable Vape Pen - Pink Chill (Calm)

This disposable pen includes 250 MG of CBD, and it goes with the pleasant fruit taste. The product got an award in 2018 as the Best CBD Pen. It is written that a three-second puff delivers around 2MG of cannabidiol. The pen costs $35.

Ignite One Rechargeable Vape Device Starter Kit

The kit costs $54, but after signing up and using a discount, you can buy it for just $49 and save $5. The kit contains two disposable pods. It is up to you to select their flavors. The offered ones are blood orange, tropical fruit, menthol light, original unflavoured, cool menthol, and Virginia blend. The vape device looks stylish and is a great solution for experienced vapers as well as for the newbies. It is ergonomic and weighs just 22g.

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200MG Broad Spectrum Gummies

The price of the ten gummies is $22. They go with an orange flavor. If you subscribe, you'll save up to 10% and will be able to buy the pack for $19.80. Each gummy contains 20 MG CBD and no THC. The product is gluten-free and vegan. It is recommended to take one-two gummies per day.

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Popular Flavors

Most Ignite products come with various flavors. Top flavors of vape devices with CBD pods are a tropical fruit, blood orange, cool menthol, and mango. Customers give preference to isolate drops with such flavors as blood orange, lavender and tropical fruit. Then go unscented drops. Popular flavors of gummies are orange, cherry and lemon.


Although cannabidiol products don't cure any diseases, numerous reviews from customers say that they help them to get rid of pain, to relax, and to fight anxiety and stress. I want to leave my short Ignite CBD drops review. I've tried oil drops with the tropical fruit extract, and they helped me to relax at the end of the working day. So, they are really effective, and I feel a quick effect.

My Experience and Favorite Product

I've tested a couple of products from Ignite and can share my experience with you. I really liked their drops, I've told a bit about them. Another product that impressed me is their CBD roll-on oil with the lavender essential oil. When I have a headache, I apply it to my temples and feel relieved afterward. I liked its calming effect and will always use products with Ignite CBD for pain relief.

Online Reputation

I've found some Ignite CBD reviews on the Internet. The vast majority of them were positive, speaking about the wide product range and affordable prices. I failed to find at least one negative Ignite CBD oil review. Their drops are really popular because they contain no THC, they are certified, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Customers spoke about a quick effect, so that's why they thought Ignite products are worth giving a try.

Lab Reports

It is high time to speak whether Ignite CBD tincture and other products sold on the website undergo lab testing. Yes, the company assures its clients that their CBD formulas are thoroughly tested in third party laboratories that are ISO17025 accredited. All the certificates can be checked by entering a product name, and the batch number into the form that is on the website in the "What is CBD" section.

Final Word

Is Ignite CBD scam? No, it isn't a scam. The service delivers top products, and I could see that. If you want to buy cannabidiol products for a reasonable price, this service is a great choice. You'll get a 15% discount after signing up. The service doesn't ship products to some states like Kansas, Mississippi, Iowa, and some others. If you live in one of these states or live somewhere outside the US, you'll have to look for another company selling CBD stuff.

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Are Ignite CBD drops edible?

To get the best result, it is recommended to place drops under the tongue. CBD drops can be also applied on the skin.

Does Ignite CBD get you high?

The company claims their products are THC-free, so there is no need to worry because of getting high or failing a drug test. You can purchase and consume CBD goods from Ignite without any negative outcomes.

Is Ignite CBD thc free?

Yes, the company assures clients that their products contain no THC. All Ignite CBD goods undergo testing based on the requirements of the FDA'sFD&C Act.

Is Ignite CBD safe?

Yes, it is safe. The company delivers top-quality CBD products and offers a reasonable price policy.

Is Ignite CBD full spectrum?

The company offers some full-spectrum goods. All products meet the level of THC under 0,3%. Before consuming any products, read the instruction first.